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At Commit, we are working to help enable more people to work remotely. While I often hear people worry about the lack of socialization when you aren’t in an office anymore, as someone who works from home every day, I’m continually looking for ways to resolve this. Now that we are all physical distancing, the socialization tips I’ve picked up may help others too. Here’s what’s worked for me and might work for you — now and in the future, when we ease back into regular life.

Socialize Remotely

It’s common for adults to form tight friendships with people at work. The…

Build Pipelines are an important part of the Continuous Delivery model, so how can you make them more effective and much nicer to use. One of the main complaints I see around deploying on every commit, is that it’s slow. So I thought I’d take you through the process we applied at Procurify to help them take their build pipeline from around 45 minutes down to less than 10 minutes. This is the process that was run on pushing code to a branch and is used by the development team tens of times a day.

There are 3 main steps…

Recently I’ve started a new role at a company where we are all working remote. While we are remote, some of the other companies we are working with are not, so I started thinking about what makes you able to work remote. I’d like to pass on some of what I think makes you a better communicator, not only for remote, but for any kind of group project in general, asynchronous communication.

By assuming that all of your messages won’t be answered right away, you can plan out your work better and have a nice backlog of tasks to complete…

Shane Gearon

Shane Gearon is an Engineering Partner at Commit. Commit is an early-stage talent firm that pairs engineers with startup companies.

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